Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Illustration Served Feature

Hello fellow creatives: 

Check out my latest drawing project featured on Illustration Served. "Forest" is a collection of pen and ink drawings of forest scenes. It is my eighth project featured on several Behance Galleries. Thank you for viewing.

Ces on Behance

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Grasshopper. Pen and Pigment ink on 11"x14" Bristol Board. This is an entry to the 52-Week Illustration Challenge art group in Facebook, to which, I recently found out, I was added by my dear friend Andrew Finnie. Thank you, Andrew. I like this group because they have all the fifty-two prompts posted. One cannot post ahead of the weekly scheduled prompt but one can post anytime on past prompts. I like that. I can skip prompts that don't interest me and jump right on to the future prompts. This is for next week's prompt "Insects". I will post it on Facebook next week but for now, here it is. I do not like it. It does not tell a story. It is just a grasshopper.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing the grasshopper because it allowed me to read more about the insect that I decided to start a new project, a collection of anatomically correct illustrated insects.

I wonder if I should have posted this for IF's "Toy" prompt.

When I was a kid, I used to play with grasshoppers. My brothers, sisters, friends and I used to catch them in the field in front of our house. They were plentiful and they were HUGE!!! During certain times of the year there were swarms of grasshoppers, praying mantis, beetles and dragonflies, though not necessarily at the same time.

It has been cold and dreary here these past several weeks. Sunny days have been few and far between. The sun has been obscured by grey clouds and it has been cold and windy. Today the sun is out. Yay!!! Thank you, Lord!