Whoa! A blog post. I have been absent from my blog since I became engrossed with gardening. What an awesome activity. I get to plant something and watch it grow. It is a great test of patience but I am learning. I did start a Moleskine journal consisting of mushroom illustrations and have been posting them on Instagram. I like Instagram. It is lazy and impersonal. Oh yes, I have been studying mushrooms, though it has slowed down because of June. June is the last month of our fiscal year and so many of my projects at work are being implemented. Also down here in Texas, we have been trying to dodge the rains and floods. Hope you are all well and safe.

Ophiocordyceps sinensis or Caterpillar Fungus, is a fungus that infects and parasitizes a species of ghost moth caterpillars found mainly on the Tibetan plateau. This fungus is highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its high demand and price have caused ecology issues in the Tibetan plateau and Ophiocordyceps sinensis to be considered a threatened species. 


Killing Weeds

I try to be a good gardener. Gardening reminds me of the people I love and so it stirs me to be nurturing, dedicated, and loving. It also reminds me of vexations and people who are unkind to me or towards people I love. Vexations are like the weeds. I cannot just pull the leaves of the weeds, the roots have to be extracted. Sometimes the weed intertwines with the plant so I cannot systematically just lop off everything. I gingerly, carefully unwind and dig up that nasty weed. It makes me feel great. I tell myself, there goes so and so, such a vile nasty creature. Die! Gardening is so violent.