Killing Weeds

I try to be a good gardener. Gardening reminds me of the people I love and so it stirs me to be nurturing, dedicated, and loving. It also reminds me of vexations and people who are unkind to me or towards people I love. Vexations are like the weeds. I cannot just pull the leaves of the weeds, the roots have to be extracted. Sometimes the weed intertwines with the plant so I cannot systematically just lop off everything. I gingerly, carefully unwind and dig up that nasty weed. It makes me feel great. I tell myself, there goes so and so, such a vile nasty creature. Die! Gardening is so violent.


Pi Day Of The Century 3.14159265359

It's the Pi Day Of The Century!!! 3.14159265359...

3.14 15

How are you going to celebrate? 
I think I will make a Pizza Pie today.

Do you love Pi as much as I do? That may explain why I have a wide circumference.