Saturday, October 25, 2014

You, Yourself, Your Selfie, Your Selfish Self

Look up, 
away from your phones and gadgets 
into people's eyes, 
around you. 

Such an irony, isn't it? 


A generation showered with "likes" yet filled with hate; 
of hundreds of "friends" yet alone; 
of thousands of "followers" yet lonely; 
of "selfies" yet full of self loathing and insecurities;
of instant gratification yet hallowed and empty.

You have been showered with gifts,
you are the focus of attention;
obstacles your way removed;
the playing field equalized;
you are declared a winner by simply being here.

Everyone gets a medal.
Two plus two equals orange
and that is okay.
Truth is relative
you make it go your way.

Correcting misspellings is racist
Illegal is illegal and contemptible, not the act, the word.
You did not lie, you "misspoke".
You did something terrible but you  cried in public, so everything is forgiven.
It all depends on the meaning of the word I. I, me, myself. Not you.

It's all about you;
your feelings
your thoughts,
your needs;
you are oblivious to the world around you.

and your Facebook whines;
your Twitter and tweets,
your Instagram selfies
in the toilet.

Poor you! You were taught to be a victim.
Life is not fair.
You feel entitled because of history
never mind that that you are surrounded by those who struggle
because of the present.

To you
there are no norms.
Everything is the same and equal, if not you will make it equal.
There are no morals, no wrongs, no impropriety;
everything is acceptable and relative,

If only it meets your criteria,
your idea,
your want,
your need,
your desire.

You wonder why it is not going your way,
you are very angry and it is someone's fault.
So you lie, riot, shoot the police, kill innocent strangers or your classmates.
You axe guards, blowup buildings or behead the person who worked with you.
At this point what does it matter?

It is always someone's fault, never yours.
You just wanted to live 
your selfish life.
What was your name?
What did you do?